Each 100 g of product contains:
Bacterial lysate  * ...................   1.2 mg 
Flavor   .................................   100 mg
Calcium carbonate q. to .............   100 g
* (from Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus spp)
Rheinbiotic is designed for immunotherapy and inmunoprofilaxis by oral route, of nonspecific infections. 
It plays a fundamental role in the defense capabilities of the guest, with the formation of biologically active factors that take part in the destruction of bacteria and inhibition of virus.
It diminishes the risk of infection and mortality. 
Rheinbiotic satisfies the basic requirements with stimulation of the immune system. The cell wall of the bacteria Gram positive and Gram negative has components with inmunomodulante activity. 
It supports the temperatures of pelletization (80° to 90°)
Species and categories to which the product is destined
Rheinbiotic can be used in the feed for poultry, bovines,swines, ovines and rabbits, in anyone of their physiological ages and states.
Dose: 1kg of Rheinbiotic per ton of feed.
Oral administration, mixed with feed. 

Keep out the reach of children. 
Store in a cool and dry place. 
Temperature of conservation: between 15° and 30°C.
The product is stable, once mixed with feed, during one week

1 kg containers, 5 kg bags 

Veterinary use