Antibacterial - Antibiotic - Betalactamic - Cephalosporinic

Every 100 ml contains:
Ceftiofur                                              5 g
Carrier q.s.                                           100 ml

Rheinfur is an antibiotic sterile suspension ready to use by parenteral means. Each ml. contains Ceftiofur Hydrochloride equivalent to 50 mg of Ceftiofur.
Bacterial origin pneumonias and foot rot in bovines, bacterial pneumonia or pleuropneumonia in porcines.

Rheinfur offers fast results as after its administration an improvement can be observed in the clinical state of animals as well as a limit to the pathological proliferation to other animals.
It also normalizes the animal temperature since the first day of treatment.
Likewise, it is observed a recovery in the consumption of feed, minimizing the loss of weight.
Gram negative:
Pasteurella multocida
Pasteurella haemolítica 
Haemophilus somnus
Bacteroides fragilis (group)
Bacteroides spp
Bacteroides melaninogenicus
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
Escherichia coli
Moraxella bovis
Salmonella cholerasuis
Salmonella typhimurium
Haemophilus parasuis
Actinobacillus suis
Gram positive:
Staphylococcus hyicus
Streptococcus suis
Peptostreptococcus anaerobius beta-haemolytic
Streptococcus spp
Bovines: 1 to 2,2 ml. of suspension per each 50 kg. of weight by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. This dosage is equivalent to 1,0 - 2.2 mg of Ceftiofur per kg. 
of body weight.
Porcines: 0,6 to 1 ml. per each 10 kg. of weight by intramuscular injection, which is equivalent to 3,0 – 5,0 mg. of Ceftiofur per kg. of body weight. Treatment should be repeated every 24 hours for three days in a row.
The duration of the treatment can be extended according to the Veterinary Surgeon´s judgment.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not administer to animals with proved sensitivity to the drug. 
Use sterile instrumental to remove product from container.
Avoid contact with the product during its use. 
If accidental exposure occurs, wash with tap water and soap.
Do not administer by endovenous means in pigs. Only by intramuscular means.
Wash hands and change clothes once product has been administered.
Store at temperatures between 15 and 30º C.
Do not freeze.
Shake well before use.
Use restrictions:
Bovines can be slaughtered after 48 hours of last treatment to avoid meat consumption from its application place.
Withdrawal period in pigs: 5 days.

100 ml multidose vials.

Veterinary Use