Ivermectin ............................... 1 g
Excipients c.s.p. ................... 100 ml
The Ivermectin injectable solution to the 1% w/v, administered as sole dose is effective for the treatment and control of the internal and external bovine parasites. The product is formulated so that when 1 ml. for each 50 kg. of body weight is administered, 200 mcg/kg. of body weight is supplied. To this dose level it is effective against:
Gastrointestinal worms 
Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited stages)
O. Iyrata
Haemonchus placei
Mecistocirrus digitatus
Trichostrongylus axei
Trichostrongylus colubriformis
Cooperia oncophora
Cooperia punctata
Cooperia pectinata
Cooperia sp.
Oesophagostonum radiatum
Nematodirus helvetianus
Nematodirus spathiger
Strongyloides papillosus
Bunostomum phlebotomum
Toxocara vitulorum
Helps to control chewing lice (Damalinia bovis)
Pulmonar worms:
Dictyocaulus viviparus (immature and inhibited stages) 
Other worms:
Parafilaria bovicola
Thelazia sp.
Cutaneous myasis (parasite stages):
Hypoderma bovis
H. Lineatum
Dermatobia hominis (ura)
Chrysomya bezziana
Sucker Lice:
Linognathus vituli
Haematopinus eurysternus
Solenopotes capillatus
Psoroptes ovis ( syn. P. communis var.bovis)
Sarcoptes scabiei var.bovis

It must be administered by subcutaneous means in front or behind the blade at the rate of 1 ml. per 50 kg. of weight. Use of a syringe and a 10" x 18" sterile needle is suggested for its application.

Weight: 50 kg Volume: 1 ml
Weight:100 kg Volume: 2 ml
Weight:150 kg Volume: 3 ml
Weight:200 kg Volume: 4 ml
Weight:250 kg Volume: 5 ml
Weight: 300 kg Volume: 6 ml
Weight: 350 kg Volume: 7 ml
Weight: 400 kg Volume: 8 ml
Weight: 450 kg Volume: 9 ml
Weight: 500 kg Volume: 10 ml
Weight: 550 kg Volume: 11 ml 
Weight: 600 kg Volume: 11 ml 

This product is not to be used by endovenous nor 
intramuscular means.
Protect container from light by storing it in its carton box.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store at temperatures between 0 and 30ยบ C.
Use restrictions: 
Animals whose meat is destined for human consumption shall not be slaughtered until 35 days have passed since last treatment. 
Do not use in milking cows during lactation, nor within 28 days before birth.

Studies have shown that it has a broad safety margin. 
The suggested level of use does not present adverse effects in cows and bulls fertility

When the ivermectin is in contact with the ground, they stick together and becomes inactive with time. 
Drug containers and any other leftovers should be safely discarded by burying or burning, as they could affect the fish and other water organisms.

NOTE TO THE USER: After subcutaneous administration, some animals could undergo a temporal uneasiness. Occasionally a tumefaction has been observed in the soft tissues of the administration point. These reactions disappear without need of treatment.

50 ml, 100 ml and 500 ml multidose vials.
Veterinary use